Guests are welcome to use our grill and open-fire cooking facility.
You can enjoy the beautiful view while cooking or barbecueing and dine on your self-prepared meal
under the nice shade of the trees.

In case of renting all the apartments, it is possible to rent our wine cellar and the community room, too.
30-40 persons are welcome to dine in the wine cellar, and the community rooms offers a place for dance
or just chill out.

Let the kids have fun at the sand pit, play table tennis or badminton or just kick the ball or run with the wind.
Enjoy the pool!

There are many outdoor activities available nearby, including:

  • biking, hiking among the hills of Somogy,
  • horse back riding, carriage tours or sleigh rides in the winter
  • the nearest free Balaton beach is just 10 kilometers away, a waterpark and an adventure park are also located within 30 kilometers

Nearby sites

One of the region’s unique attractions is the Europe Prize-winning wine cellars of Szólád.

The cellars, carved directly into the 6-8 m high loess wall were built in the early 1900’s.
Some of the cellars are still in use today.

The popular Balaton Wine and Horse takes place here each August.
Festival highlights include two-horse carriage races, open fire cooking competition, fireworks and ball.

The ruins of one of the few remaining 14-15th century castles in Somogy County can be found in Kereki. The castle was commonly called Fehérkővár (White Stone Castle) and Kupavár (Goblet Castle).
You can find the highest lookout tower of the region in Balatonföldvár. The unique building – form of a ship - also hosts an interactive exhibition of the shipping and sailing activities on the lake.