The Owner's note

It’s the horseback riding that took us to the little village of Teleki.

The popular local stable was recommended by a friend of ours. It’s lived up to our expectations! We were riding in the woods and meadows in perfect harmony with nature.

We kept coming back and explored the treasures of the neighbourhood: the 300-year-old tree in the village, the sunflower fields nearby, the amazing view from the Somogy hills over Lake Balaton.

We learned about the healing power of Nezde Hill and we also heard about a „castle” in the village. As it turned out, locals had given the villa this name…

Severals tours later, the villa was on sale, as its previous owner in Germany was not interested in taking care of his inheritance in Hungary.

Having two small kids at that time, we understood the need for family apartments rather than two separate hotel rooms during our trips - and the building had the potential.

And so has Villa Teleki been born!